• 3 Steps For Fixing A Water-Damaged Refrigerator

    If rainwater flooded the basement and damaged the extra refrigerator you keep there, you may wonder what you can do about it.. If you would like to save this appliance, you may want to hire an appliance repair company that has experience with water damage and restoration. Step 1: Cut the Power The first thing you should do if you find your refrigerator in standing water is to go to the circuit breaker and cut the power.

  • How Your HVAC System Can Help You Cope With Allergies

    A home can have many unexpected allergens in them that you might not realize are there. Since allergies are directly related to the quality of the air that you breathe, it is important that your HVAC system does its part to keep your air as allergen free as possible. If you do the following three things, it will help everyone in your home with allergies. Clean Your HVAC System's Air Filter

  • Ready For A New Roof? 4 Creative Ways To Go Green

    If you need a new roof and want to take things to a new level of green, there are some fun and inventive ways to redo your roof. You don't even have to settle for the traditional approach to roofing. In fact, you can really let your imagination go when it comes to green roofing. Here are just a few of the imaginative ways you can re-roof your home: Go Really Green

  • Follow These Tips To Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

    To keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and sanitary, you should service it regularly. You can set up a schedule with a pool service to do things such as balance the chemicals and maintain the filters. However, you may need to do some pool maintenance tasks yourself between service calls if your pool gets a lot of use. Here are some things you should plan on doing on a regular basis along with the tools you'll need.

  • 3 Important Pruning Tips For Apple Trees

    One of the most important parts of growing trees is knowing when and how to prune them. If you are getting ready to plant some apple trees in your yard, you should realize that pruning efforts should start immediately. To grow healthy apple trees that contain a lot of fruit, you will need to follow these important pruning tips. Prune When You Plant The first thing you should realize is that all trees require pruning, and the best time to begin is right when you plant them.