The Benefits Of Major Renovations Over New Construction

Alexa Morales

If your home is no longer serving your needs, you might be thinking of having a new one built. This can be an appealing idea because it means you'll get to design each aspect of the home to better suit your current lifestyle and routine. But is having a brand new home built really the best option? Sometimes it is, but other times, it is not. Having your current home majorly renovated is another option to strongly consider. And this approach has some key advantages over building new.

You don't have to move

Moving to a new home is a lot of work. And if you're having a new home built, the date upon which the construction is completed is often up in the air, which makes it hard to plan your move. If you instead have major renovations done, you may need to stay somewhere else for a few weeks while certain stages of construction are taking place. But you won't have to uproot everything you own and hire movers, which simplifies plans a lot.

You can keep the things you do like

Certainly, there are still a few things about your home that you like and appreciate. If you renovate, you can keep those things in place. Perhaps, for example, you have fond memories of a certain fireplace in the living room. Your builders can design your new living room around it. Or maybe you do like your bathroom layout, but the materials are outdated. You can keep the same layout post-remodel.

It's often more affordable

One of the most expensive parts of building a new home is pouring the foundation. If you opt for major renovations, the building team will make do with the existing foundation as much as possible. They may need to pour a new slab in a certain area, but that's far less extensive and expensive than pouring a whole new foundation. Plus, you can save by reusing many of the existing walls, preserving the roof as much as possible, and keeping any materials that are still in good shape. All in all, a major renovation costs far less than building a new home, and the result can be about the same: a home that better suits you.

Before you have a brand new home built, spend some time carefully considering renovations as an option. It's at least worth meeting with a builder to see what they can design around your current home.

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