Cabinet Refacing And Your Home Renovations: A Step By Step Guide To Renovating Cabinetry

Alexa Morales

To give the cabinets in your home a new look, refacing is a great option to remove grime and unsightly finishes. The process of refacing your cabinets is not too complicated, but you want to make sure that the work is done correctly. The following cabinet refacing guide will walk you through the steps to renovate cabinetry in your home:

  • Preparing the cabinet units—The first step in refacing your cabinets is to prepare the units. You will want to remove the doors, drawers, and hardware from all the units. Make sure to remove shelving and any pins from the inside of the units. You may also want to remove tracks from drawers and any false facing like those that are often installed in front of sinks. Once the units are just the shells of the cabinet, you will be ready to move on to the next step in the refacing process.
  • Removing grime and finishes—After years of being installed in your kitchen, the cabinets will have grime built up on the units and damage to some of the veneers or finishes. You will want to start cleaning the units and remove any damaged veneers from the units. You can use heat to warm up the veneers to make them easier to remove. If your cabinets are solid wood, you can sand them with light-grit sandpaper after they have been cleaned.
  • Choosing materials for refacing—There are many different options for the veneers that can be used to reface your cabinet units. If you want your cabinets to be easier to clean, modern PVC and glossy finishes are cleaner options for kitchen cabinets. There are also options for many different types of wood finishes that can be used to reface your cabinets with new veneers. If you are using natural wood veneers and door faces, they can be pre-finished, or you can finish them with a custom stain after they have been installed.
  • Giving the cabinets a new finish—The finishes for your cabinets will need to be installed to complete the refacing project. First, the cabinet units are going to be finished with new veneers. After the shells of the cabinets have been refaced, doors and hardware can be reinstalled to complete the newly renovated cabinet design.

These steps are the process that you will go through when refacing your cabinets. Contact a cabinet refacing service, like 180Kitchens, for professional help renovating the finishes of cabinetry in your home.