Concrete Driveway In Bad Condition? Have It Replaced

Alexa Morales

If your concrete driveway is in bad condition, you should consider getting it replaced with a new one. Hire a concrete contractor to do this for you and they can generally have the job done in a week or so. Below is information on replacing the driveway so you can get the job started. 

When to Replace a Driveway

If you have large cracks that are turning into potholes, this can be hard to repair and may be expensive. Because of this, it would be better to replace your driveway. If your driveway is getting old, repairing it will only add a short time to its life so replacing it will ensure your driveway lasts you a long time. 

If a driveway wears down, you may have problems with drainage. Water that pools on a driveway can cause a lot of damage over time. If you have bad winters, this water can freeze and thaw, which can cause cracks. When a contractor installs a new driveway, they will ensure it does not have drainage problems. 

You may want a different driveway for appearance reasons. If you have a plain driveway, you can ask the contractor to use stamps during installation. Stamping the driveway can make it look completely different. You could choose stamps that resemble a different texture, and you can choose a different color for your driveway. 

Tips for Replacement

There are things you can do to help make the installation go easier for the contractor. First, plan where you are going to put vehicles. They should not be parked near the driveway. You will also have to keep the vehicles off the driveway for a certain amount of time, so plan for this. Ask the concrete contractor how long this will be for. Remove cars or other things from your garage that you plan to use so they will not be stuck in the garage during the installation process. If you must park on the street, make sure your city does not have rules about this. 

If you have a garage, leave the garage door open for the contractor. They will need to be an edge on the driveway. You should also mow your lawn before the installation. You will not be able to mow while the concrete is drying as grass may get on the driveway. If you use sprinklers, make sure you turn them off so water does not spray on your new driveway. If it is the fall, blow leaves away from the driveway.  

The concrete contractor can give you much more information about replacing a driveway. 

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