Tending To The Care Of Your Motel's Outdoor Pool Area

Alexa Morales

If your hotel has an outdoor pool, then your going to have many guests using it and you'll need to keep the pool and the pool area looking great and remaining a fun and safe place for your guests to swim, tan, and relax. This is why you want to be sure to stay on top of the pool deck's condition. If you don't stay on top of things, then the area can start to look run down and you can even have a pool area that is no longer as safe for your guests as it used to be. Here are some tips that you want to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your pool area.

Keep the area clean

You are going to want to keep the pool area clean. This is going to be one of the best ways that you can go about preventing accidents caused by people tripping and falling, slipping on something slick, or getting injured in other ways. It also helps prevent trash from making its way into the pool filter basket, filling it up quicker than you can clean it.

Keep the area free of glass

One rule that many people have about pools is that they don't allow glass to be in the pool area at all. If glass makes its way into the pool area, then it can easily become broken. Having broken glass in an area where people walk around barefoot is asking for someone to get cut and they can end up getting cut badly.

Have the deck resurfaced when needed

The deck is going to need to be resurfaced before it begins to show signs of needing it. Resurfacing the deck is going to allow you to protect the deck, so it remains in great shape. It is also going to help you to prevent other issues, some of which you can learn more about here:

Resurfacing wooden decking – Wooden decking is going to be exposed to water just as much as other types of decking. However, with wood, you are going to have the extra concern of the wood being water damaged and then warping, splitting, and rotting. Resurfacing the wooden deck will take making sure any areas of roughness are sanded down to prevent people from getting splinters in their feet. The wood will also then need to be sealed with a protecting coating that will make it waterproof to protect it.

Concrete decking – Concrete decking needs to be cleaned with a power washer that will remove marks left behind from stains that weren't cleaned up promptly and correctly. Also, any signs of cracks in the concrete will need to be repaired to avoid them hurting people's feet and keep them from getting larger. Polymer resins will be applied to the concrete to offer it more protection.

Brick or stone decking – Brick or stone decking needs to be resurfaced by making sure that the mortar that is starting to become damaged is repaired and that a protective sealant is applied to the surface to continue offering it protection from damage from the water, as well as the sun.

You can learn more about commercial pool deck resurfacing by contacting a professional near you.