3 Signs Of Foundation Problems

Alexa Morales

The foundation is one of the most important parts of your home to keep in good condition. However, the symptoms of foundation problems can be easy to overlook. Here are three signs of foundation problems that every homeowner should be aware of.

Damage to Basement Walls

Damage to your home's foundation is often reflected in your basement's walls. If you notice hairline cracks, leaking, or crumbling on the interior of your basement, you should suspect that your foundation is suffering from structural problems as well.

Foundation damage that is visible on your basement walls is often caused by hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is exerted on your home's foundation as the soil around the foundation expands when it becomes saturated with water. This cycle of expanding during the rainy season and contracting during the dry season causes your foundation to move slightly, eventually leading to cracks and crumbling.

Unlevel Floors

While unlevel floors can signify that there was a problem during the flooring installation, they can also occur when one part of the foundation sinks slightly. This often occurs when a section of the foundation settles because the soil underneath that part of the foundation is no longer able to support the weight of your home. If your floors are noticeably sloped, you should consider contacting a foundation contractor to determine if your foundation needs to be releveled.

Misaligned Windows and Doors

If your foundation is no longer able to provide adequate support under your walls, you may begin to experience problems with windows and doors as the walls sink slightly. Window and door frames are installed perfectly square, but shifting of the wall can cause them to become misaligned.

Many times, windows and doors are not visibly misaligned, but instead they begin to exhibit symptoms of frame warping. If your windows are stuck open or shut or are simply harder to open and close, it's possible that the frames are out of alignment. If your door frame is warped, you may notice that the door is no longer flush with the frame when you shut it, or it may be hard to lock the deadbolt because it isn't lined up correctly with the latch on the frame.

Foundation problems are easier to spot if you know about some of their most common symptoms. Keep these subtle signs of foundation problems in mind so you can avoid expensive foundation repairs in the future.