Important Considerations When Choosing A New Stove

Alexa Morales

Are you currently thinking about building a new home? Are you still in the planning stages and are wondering if you should have an electric stove or a gas stove in your kitchen? Each type of stove has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things to consider: 

Gas: Unlike most electric stoves, gas stoves provide instant heat. This allows you to start cooking faster and be finished sooner. If the pan starts to get too hot, turning the flame down or off will instantly resolve the situation. Unlike electric coil burners that often heat up unevenly, as can be seen when you turn a burner to high and watch different spots turn red at different times, the ideal gas flame is uniform and consistent under your pan. Also, if you like to roast peppers or other vegetables, you can do so over the naked burner of most gas stoves. Unfortunately, gas stoves can be a little tricky to adjust properly. It may be hard to turn the flame down low enough to simmer without making it go out completely. 

Electricity: While many people still choose older electric coil stoves, induction and smooth-top stoves are also popular. With no crevices for your favorite marinara sauce or cream soup to hide in, smooth-top stoves offer easy cleanup of any spills. Instead of giving a thorough cleaning once a week or once a month, you can simply clean as you go. Induction stoves often have a smooth top as well, but they don't hide traditional coil burners under their tops. Instead, it uses magnetism to heat up stainless steel or cast iron cooking pots. Because the stove works only with these types of metals and doesn't get hot on its own, induction stoves are the safest type of stove in a house with small children. 

Dual fuel: There are also stoves that use both gas and electricity. The stove may have mainly gas burners, but it can also have an electric griddle available for cooking things like pancakes. The oven in these types of stoves is usually electric. The precise only on or only off nature of a gas flame makes it less ideal for use in an oven. With an electric oven, the coil can provide almost continuous heat without raising the temperature too high. More even and precise cooking will help to ensure that your baked goods will come out of the oven as perfectly as possible.