3 Styles Of Dormers That Add An Architectural Statement To Your Roofing

Alexa Morales

Roof dormers are an architectural element built into roofing that allows you to add additional space and/or light to the upper levels of your home. There is a wide variety of dormer styles that each offers a different look and functionality. While some dormers are built to provide the most additional room possible, others are designed for more of a visual architectural statement.   

Considering adding a dormer to your home? Here are a few of the dormers that can add more style to your home's architecture. Contact a local outlet, such as Rai Roofing Ltd, for further assistance.

Eyebrow Dormer

Eyebrow dormers are small architectural protrusions that have a roof that curves in a similar shape to an eyebrow. Below the roof, there is a small window or set of windows. The windows in eyebrow dormers can have additional visual interest such as stained or leaded glass. 

An eyebrow dormer provides more style than function. The small size and unusual shape means the protrusion doesn't offer much interior room extension. You can arrange a series of eyebrow dormers in a row to provide more space. A series of eyebrows looks best on roofing that doesn't have a lot of competing angles and that has a rounded style of shingles that mimic the lines of the eyebrow roof.  

Segmental or Arched Top Dormer

A segmental or arched top dormer is similarly small like an eyebrow dormer, but the roof is rounded into an arch. The windows are small and the internal expansion minimal. The one advantage of segmental rather than eyebrow is that the side walls aren't interrupted by the roof curving down and out. So a segmental can offer more standing space than an eyebrow. And segmental windows can also be built in a series to add more functionality with the beautiful style.

Segmental windows come standard in many housing styles based on classical French architecture. But this style of dormer can suit any home that doesn't have the space for a larger dormer and has curved elements that compliment the dormer's roof style.

Pyramidal Dormer

Despite the name, a pyramidal dormer isn't actually shaped like the triangular pyramids in Egypt. The roof of the dormer consists of three segments. The middle segment faces forward and slopes upwards back to the roof. Two side segments have similarly slanted roofing that comes up at angles to join the main segment and roof.

So the actual shape of a pyramidal dormer is the same as a hipped dormer. The difference is that the hipped dormer is set flat against one side of the roof while the pyramidal is arranged on an angle to form almost a miniature turret. The end result provides less horizontal space extension than a hipped style, but the vertical and light expansions are about the same. And the pyramidal offers an unusual roofing feature that might become the talk of your neighborhood.