Trying to Make Your House as Healthy and Environmentally Friendly as Possible? Green Custom Cabinetry Can Help

Alexa Morales

If you go out of your way to find products made from recycled materials, shop for organic foods, or use cleaning products that won't harm the environment or your family, it might be time to have your current cabinets replaced with green custom cabinetry. You can have beautiful cabinets designed and created to your specifications in order to store things in every room of your home. When you choose to go with green cabinets, you will be helping the environment and keeping your family safe and healthy. Here are the ways custom cabinetry can be green.

Uses Sustainable Forest Practices

Hire a cabinet maker that is aware of the environment and who always buys wood from a company that uses sustainable forest practices. This means that the wood was harvested from a forest that has grown enough to not be damaged by the removal of some of the trees. In most cases, these mature trees need to be harvested to make room for younger trees to grow and thrive. This wood will be certified and labeled as environmentally friendly by the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).

Is Made from Recycled Materials

If you want to go a step further to save the environment, have your cabinets made from particle board or plywood that has been recycled. You may also choose to use solid wood for the box and then recycled wood products for the drawers and shelves. In addition to using recycled materials, make sure that the materials can later be recycled or that they are biodegradable. You would not want your parts from old cabinets to sit in a landfill and never degrade. Use handles, hinges, and slides that are made from metals or polymers with no plastic so they can be recycled.

Contains Low or No Volatile Organic Compounds

Any glue, paint or stain used in the making of the cabinets needs to be made with no toxic chemicals. There should be no urea formaldehyde, benzenes ethyl acetate, or other compounds that will evaporate into the air and cause health problems. By using milk paints and/or water-based stains you will reduce the risk of respiratory problems, headaches, and kidney or liver damage caused by the volatile compounds in many paints and stains.

Having cabinets that are designed for your needs will help keep your home well organized; everything will have a place. If you are having custom cabinetry made, take the extra steps by having them made in a manner that will help save the environment and keep your family healthy. Contact a business such as Millbrook Cabinetry Inc Custom Cabinets to explore your options.