HVAC System Inefficiency: Why A Problematic Heat Pump May Be The Cause

Alexa Morales

Do you have to leave the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system on for a long time in order to reach the temperature set on the thermostat? There are a few things that can interfere with air efficiency, including problems with the heat pump. Find out below why the heat pump may be responsible for inefficiency from the HVAC system, as well as what a new pump is estimated to cost.

How Can a Problematic Heat Pump Cause HVAC System Inefficiency?

When you are having problems with inefficiency from both the heating and cooling aspect of your HVAC system, the heat pump should be inspected. The reason is due to the heat pump being responsible for exchanging heat based on if you are heat or cooling your house down. The pump will bring in warm air when the heater is running, but an auxiliary heater works in its place if there is no outside warm air available. The pump is also used to bring in cool air with the air conditioner is on.

One of the main problems experienced with a heat pump is it getting covered in dirt, as it is located on the outside of your house. The dirt can prevent air from flowing in and out of your house in an efficient manner. It is also possible for the dirt to stall the motor to the heat pump and make it stop working altogether. You can tell when the motor has stopped working because the outside unit to your HVAC system won't sound as loud as it should, and it may not make any noise at all.

There is usually warm air flowing out of the exterior part of an HVAC system that you can feel when standing nearby. You won't feel heat when the pump is damaged. An HVAC contractor like one from a company like Wightman Mechanical will have to inspect the heat pump to determine if it needs to be cleaned or should be replaced.

What is a New Heat Pump Estimated to Cost?

The cost of a new heat pump depends on the type that you get and the condition of your air duct. If you need new air ducts with the pump, you are looking to spend up to $24,000 plus for a whole house air-source pump. You can pay as little as $2,000 for an air-source heat pump if the existing air ducts are still in a good condition. Contact a contractor to get your heat pump serviced so your HVAC system will run more efficiently!