Three Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom

Alexa Morales

Renovating your home's bathroom can be a great home improvement project, as it will improve your home's resale value with modern beauty and luxury. Here are three creative things you can do when completely renovating your bathroom.

Add Some Heat To Your Bathroom

If you plan on gutting your bathroom, it is a perfect time to add heat underneath the floors to increase your overall comfort. The radiant heat will not make a huge difference to the bathroom's ambient temperature, but it will add a luxury that will be much appreciated if you have cold tile.

Imagine stepping out of the shower and not having your feet freeze as you step onto the tile. Radiant heat does an excellent job at keeping you warm near your toes, so you will no longer worry about having the chills once you step out of a hot shower.

Adding heat doesn't have to stop there, as you can add it in other places too. Consider a heat lamp that will keep you warm from up above. Heat lamps can be built into the exhaust fan, and operate on a timer so that you do not accidentally leave them on for too long. While you are at it, add a heated towel rack so that you are completely covered in warmth.

Add Custom Cabinets

Bathrooms are very confined spaces, which does not give you much room when it comes to cabinets. Selecting standard size cabinets at the local home improvement store will make it impossible to maximize your bathroom storage space, as you will never get that perfect fit that takes up the empty space on a wall.

Custom cabinets are the best way to make sure you are getting the most storage. By working with a company that specializes in custom cabinets, they will be able to create a storage solution that fits your bathroom perfectly. For example, your long and narrow bathroom may require shallow cabinets so you have room to walk around when cabinet doors are open.

Add Water Conserving Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures should not only look beautiful, but they should save you money too. There are water saving shower heads that use a small fraction of water when compared to a normal shower head, but still provide great water pressure. Toilets that have dual flushing modes for large and small flushes. These new fixtures will help save you money over the years, all while looking great.

These are just a few ways to renovate your bathroom. For more ideas, contact a local bathroom renovation company in your area. To learn more, contact a company like Oakville Bath Centre with any questions or concerns you have.