Unique Uses For Old Railroad Ties Around The House

Alexa Morales

If you are lucky enough to stumble across a railroad construction company that is selling their extra or outdated railroad ties, you will want to grab as many as you can. After all, there are a lot of various projects around the house that can be completed. If you are having a little trouble imagining just what you might do with all of those railroad ties, you can take a moment to review the following ideas.

Flowerbed Boarders

Whether you already have a flowerbed in place or you are about ready to create one, you will find that the railroad ties work well as a border. Having a few ties sit between the flowerbed and the yard will make sure that the rocks or mulch do not fall into the yard. It also provides a nice visual divide that will draw your eyes towards the beauty of the flowerbed.

Raised Gardens

Some people simply do not feel comfortable digging straight into their yard for a garden. Some people simply like the idea of a raised garden because it is easier on their knees and back when it comes time to tend to the garden. Either way, stacking a few railroad ties and securing them in place with the help of industrial sized stakes, poles, or nails and then creating a square or rectangle outline will give you plenty of gardening space. All you have to do at that point is add fresh gardening soil, plant your seeds, and watch everything grow.

Driveway Bumpers

When you need a bumper at the front of your driveway to serve as a reminder that it is time to stop the vehicle, you might want to make use of the old railroad ties. The nice thing about these is that they are able to be moved a lot easier than the concrete bumpers that you will see sold online. Also, they can help tie your driveway into the rest of the rustic look that you have going through the rest of your yard.

While these are certainly not the only things you can do around your home with the railroad ties, this should certainly start you on the right path. Even if you have not yet decided just exactly what it is that you are going to do with the railroad ties, do not make the mistake of passing up a great deal. Grab as many as you can right now and figure the rest out later. (For more information, contact A & B Rail Services Ltd)