Tips When Excavating The Site For Your New Home

Alexa Morales

If you are planning to build a new home, you will need to hire an excavation contractor for your foundation. Before you choose your build-site, there are a few things that homeowners should keep in mind which will make the process less costly and smoother overall.

Keep these tips in mind before digging your home's foundation:

Know your codes.

There may be strict building codes for your region, and municipalities can actually make you abandon building if it is not conducive with the rules. Research the rules and regulations for your area so you don't accidentally violate them.

Seek out slopes.

When planning the build-site and digging your foundation, it is important that it slope on all sides of the structure. This allows for proper drainage. If you build your structure on uneven or hilly terrain, it might be necessary to implement a retaining wall on the sides that don't allow for sloping.

Preserve the surroundings.

Try to save the trees that are around your build-site, as these may be features that you want to keep after your home is constructed. Avoid these trees from becoming damaged during excavation and construction by creating a path to the site and insisting that contractors use this.

Save your dirt

When excavators dig your foundation or basement, have them set the good soil aside. This can save you a bundle later on when you begin to landscape your new home and property.

Dig deep.

Excavating contractors are the best resource to identify the type of dirt that they are digging in to, and the goal is to reach the good soil underneath any fill for the best results for your home's foundation.

Work around rocks.

Rough terrain can be pricey to blast, yet this must occur if you choose to build on a rocky site. Consider the options and talk with excavating contractors about these issues before they begin to dig.

Refer to old maps.

Visit city hall or local municipal offices to view old property maps of your build-site. These old topographic maps can help a lot with the depth and boundaries of your build site.

Ultimately, it is the homeowner that will choose their build-site, but pay careful attention to the input and advice of excavating experts when they come to dig your foundation. While they won't be researching the history or studying topographic maps of the site, they may be able to provide solid information regarding the depth, soil quality, and other aspects that make alternative sites more practical.