3 Signs That You Have Dirty Ducts

Alexa Morales

Dirty duct work can cause more of a problem for your heating system than you probably think. First of all, it can cause your home to get dirty much more quickly, and it can affect indoor air quality, which can be especially tough on those who have asthma or respiratory issues. Dirty ducts can also cause excessive dirt and dust to get into your heating system, which can cause malfunctions and general repair issues.

Luckily, a good HVAC repair company can clean your ducts for you, but you could be wondering whether or not you need this service. Luckily, looking for these common signs can help you determine if it's now time for a thorough, professional duct cleaning.

1. Your Home is Always Dusty

Although it's obviously normal for your home to accumulate household dust, you shouldn't have to dust your home several times a week just to keep the debris at bay. If you are always dusting but feel as if you can't stay ahead of the mess, your duct work could be to blame. This is because dirty ducts distribute dust and dirt throughout your home through your vents, which can keep things seemingly permanently dusty.

2. Your Vent Covers are Dirty

Your vent covers are in place for a few reasons, one of which is to prevent dirt and dust from getting in or out of your ducts. If the vent covers are doing their job, they may be catching all of the dust and debris that is trying to fly out of your vents. If you clean your vent covers regularly but find that they are always getting dirty, it's probably due to duct work that is in need of a professional cleaning.

3. You and Your Family Have Allergy Symptoms

If you and your family members are feeling sniffly or sick, you might attribute it to allergies or getting sick from the people around you. One thing that you might not have thought about, however, is the possibility that your ducts are to blame. If your duct work has been blowing dirt and dust through your home, it's not uncommon to have respiratory issues. If you notice that this is an ongoing problem, you should consider having your ducts inspected and cleaned by an HVAC professionals.

Clean ducts are a necessity for a clean, healthy home and a properly functioning HVAC system. Luckily, looking for these three signs can help you take care of the problem if necessary. For more information, contact a local duct cleaning company, like Just In Time Furnace Inc.