5 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask Before Hiring A Building Contractor

Alexa Morales

 The number of homeowners who get less than satisfactory service from who they think to be a professional contractor can be alarming. These untrained, unskilled professionals are looking to take your money and slap the project together, then jump and run on to the next person willing to hand over cash. To make sure you are never left with a shoddy job, there are five important questions you should ask a potential contractor before agreeing to payment.

1. Can you show proof of liability and business insurance?

Any  true business professional knows the importance of liability and business insurance. They will also be happy to provide it to you if they are asked. You are looking for a piece of concrete proof of coverage with the professionals name clearly stated and dates outlined. It is a good idea to not only observe, but ask for copies just in case.

2. Do you have references that you can provide?

References should be easy to provide if a contractor has plenty of professional experience. Do not just get references, but follow through with contacting them for information about the specific professional you plan to hire.

3. Will you be providing a contractual agreement?

Anytime there is money exchanged between two parties in a business agreement, the transaction should be outlined in writing. This not only protects the person paying for a service, but the contractor as well. Make sure the person you hire for your building project offers a contract, and even more important, read the contract carefully before signing your name.

4. Will you guarantee satisfaction with your work?

The most professional contractors want to ensure their reputation follows them from job to job. Someone looking for quick cash could not care less. Therefore, the best general contractor for the job will always offer a satisfaction guarantee that will most likely be put in as part of the initial contract.

5. How much experience do you have with this type of project?

Building contractors do not all have the same background. Some are more skilled with large-scale projects, while others have more previous experience with small, handyman type projects. It is always best to find a contractor who has experience with the work you need done in your home.

Finding a good contractor should be easy as there are many who are perfectly qualified to handle the job. However, there are always a few who can slip under the radar to take advantage of you as a customer. Make sure you know what questions to ask before you hire a building contractor and look for qualified candidates to get the job done.