Enjoy Your Space And Protect Your Investment: Tips For Vinyl Deck Maintenance

Alexa Morales

If you own a home, you know the pride and excitement that can come from using it to entertain your friends and relatives. Making the decision to add a vinyl deck to your home, like those from Eternal Vinyl Sundecks, can be a great way to get the most out of your property and can provide you with a space to entertain the ones you love for years to come.

Maintaining that deck, however, is not without its challenges. It's important to protect your investment by making sure you keep your deck in the best possible shape, and the guide below will provide you with some tips that will allow you to keep your vinyl deck in its best possible shape.

Sweeping And Rinsing

Serious problems often start as more minor problems, and consistently keeping your deck clear of dirt and debris is a great way to prevent other issues from developing. If your deck is frequently on the receiving end of debris from trees or other surrounding plant life, you should set aside some time at least weekly to make sure it is cleared off and ready to use.

Relatedly, you should consider removing or relocating possible problem trees. Berries, for example, can leave difficult stains that require a great deal of scrubbing to remove. While the shade may be useful, the damage that is otherwise caused to your deck may not make the tree worth keeping.

Check For Stains And Mold

Vinyl decking is often chosen over wood decking because it is heartier and less easily damaged. While that is definitely true, it can still be attacked by some organisms that feed and breed in the dark and recessed corners of your decking.

You should consistently inspect your deck for signs of mold and parasites. Suspicious stains without an obvious source may provide food to micro organisms, and maybe a clue that more problematic things are occurring under the surface. Your local hardware store will be able to help you select a cleaning solution that can address these issues.

Cook Somewhere Else

As indicated above, prevention is much easier to apply than cure. Vinyl decking can be damaged by grease or falling coals or ash from barbecue grills, and as such, it is often better to locate them elsewhere. If your deck is the only logical place for you to grill from, you should investigate fireproof mats or other prevention devices that will guarantee your structure will remain strong and protected far into the future.