Follow These Tips To Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

Alexa Morales

To keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and sanitary, you should service it regularly. You can set up a schedule with a pool service to do things such as balance the chemicals and maintain the filters. However, you may need to do some pool maintenance tasks yourself between service calls if your pool gets a lot of use. Here are some things you should plan on doing on a regular basis along with the tools you'll need.

Scoop Out Leaves

If you have trees near your pool, you'll have to battle leaves littering the water. Fortunately, that is an easy task to do. Buy a pool net with an adjustable handle so you can stand on the deck and reach into the middle of the pool to scoop out leaves. You should clean the leaves out on a daily basis, so they don't decay in your pool.

Vacuum The Bottom

Keep the bottom of your pool clean with a pool vacuum. The most convenient way to do this is to buy an automatic vacuum and let it run all the time when you're not in the pool. This will keep your pool in pristine shape. If you don't want to invest in the automatic version, you can buy a manual vacuum that has a long handle. All you have to do is push the head of the vacuum along the floor of your pool to clean it.

Brush The Sides

Even if the pool service brushes the sides of your pool, you may still need to do it occasionally. This is especially true if several people have used the pool, since sunscreen makes the sides feel greasy and the oil collects dirt and small bits of debris. To do this you'll need a pool brush. You can stand in the pool while you brush the sides, or you can stand on the deck if your brush has a long handle.

Clean The Deck

You'll want to keep your pool deck clean too. If you don't scrub and sanitize it occasionally, the surface may get slick due to the growth of bacteria. The easiest way to do the job is with a power washer. The force behind the water may be enough to blast off stains and dirt. If you don't want to buy a power washer, you can scrub the deck with a brush and cleanser. It's best to buy your cleanser from a pool supply store, so you buy something that will not be toxic if it happens to run into the pool water. After you clean the deck, you may want to spray with with a pool deck disinfectant to inhibit bacterial growth.

Fortunately, none of these tasks are terribly time consuming or difficult. You can do them in a few minutes before you jump into the pool. Keeping your pool clean makes it much more inviting and ensures it is ready for swimming any time you are ready to take a dip. Talk to a professional like Imperial Paddock Pools Ltd for more tips.