Common Issues That Created The Science Behind Longer Lasting Asphalt

Alexa Morales

The increase in traffic on the highways across North America these days causes the need for longer lasting asphalt and paving materials. The high cost of road repairs has led researchers to start looking for more advanced ways to ensure roads will last for years without falling prey to common repair issues. Asphalt improvements can be cost effective while also helping to reduce traffic accidents from problems like uneven, rutting pavement.

The Notorious Pothole

Most drivers can relate to the feeling of driving over a pothole in the road. Potholes happen due to asphalt and paving material breaking down. Factors like the age of paving materials and the impact of the elements can cause cracking and rutting to happen in pavement. Asphalt is being used today that contains specially formulated asphalt binders.

Binders made using latex polymers added to asphalt before paving help materials to remain bonded under the pressures of external pressures from traffic and extreme temperature exposure. Roadways paved with asphalt containing latex polymer binders have fewer chances of potholes.

Cracking In Cold Weather

The asphalt used on roads in climates experiencing extremely cold temperature has a greater incidence of cracking. Cracked asphalt can become ruts after traffics rives over it for a while. Researchers have worked to formulate binders to mix in paving materials for improving their performance in cold temperatures.

Different polymer mixes have been formulated to fit the needs of various asphalt materials. For example, one area may use more recycled asphalt materials than another region. Creating polymer binders that mix well and work to bind every type of asphalt mix is important due to the variations in regional climates.

Dangerous Pavement Ruts

The formation of ruts in a highway would lead you to think the pavement is soft. The stress and pressure of lots of traffic on one area of the road can cause ruts to form. 'Soft' asphalt occurs when traffic stress causes aggregates like gravel in asphalt mixes to slowly shift. Ruts have been the cause of many serious and fatal traffic accidents, especially in snowy, icy conditions. Preventing rutting using specially formulated latex polymers to bind asphalt materials has been found to be successful.

Saving money today is more important than ever because of the rising cost of crude oils refining and other industries necessary for the creation of asphalt and other types of paving materials. By reducing the cost of road maintenance, everyone can enjoy the benefits of tax monies being used in other areas of communities. Contact a company like Rubydale Asphalt Works Ltd for more information.