Four Things You Will Want To Know About The Cedar Shakes You Have Installed On Your Home

Alexa Morales

If you are looking for a green roofing solution for your home, one of the best choices you have available is cedar shakes. It is one of the only roofing materials that is available made completely from a renewable resource. It is also energy efficient and very durable with the proper care and maintenance. If you are planning to have cedar shakes installed on your home, here are four things that you should know:

1. Choosing The Right Shakes For Your Climate

Natural shakes can be a great material to use on your roof, but there are also treated shakes available. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires or you get a lot of rain, you have use shakes that have been treated. There are pressure treated cedar for roofs in wet climates and products that have been treated with fire retardant for dry climates. If you live in one of these areas you will want to choose a product that is appropriate for the area you live in.

2. The Benefit Of Energy Efficient Underlayment With Cedar Shingles

There is also energy efficient underlayment that can be used on roofs. These plywood products have a foil coating on one side of them. With asphalt shingles, the foil has to be placed face down to prevent the shingles from melting in the hot sun. With cedar shakes, the material can be installed facing up, which can increase the energy benefits of using an energy efficient underlayment.

3. The Maintenance Needs Of Cedar Roofing Materials

Cedar roofing will also need to have regular maintenance done to it. Some of the basic maintenance includes cleaning the roof like you would do with many of the other roofing products. You may also need to do occasional cleaning with a pressure washer and removing moss, mildew and stains from your roof. This will help to keep your roof looking like new and make it last a lot longer. If you have trees around your home, you will also want to clean out any debris between the gaps of the shingles to prevent things like moss and the cedar from rotting.

4. Some Of The Repairs You May Need To Have Done To Cedar Shakes

Over time cedar shakes can have problems such as cracked and broken shakes. These cedar shakes will have to be replaced. It is important not to damage adjacent shakes when you are doing repairs, which is why you may want to have a professional roofing service do this job for you. When you have the cedar shakes installed on your roof, you may also want to buy some extra shakes to be able to do repairs and maintenance to your roof later. You can store them in a garage or storage shed to protect them from getting damaged. The color will also match when you do some of these repairs to your home.

These are some things that you should know about the cedar shakes you have installed on your home. If you need to have cedar shakes installed or repairs done, contact a roofing service that does cedar shakes.