Buying A House? Why You Should Be Present During The Inspection

Alexa Morales

You have been house hunting for too long and haven't found anything that you would consider calling home, and then it happens; you find the house of your dreams that ticks every box on your list, you put in an offer and it's accepted! Oh, happy day! You can't wait to go to closing and start moving in; however, before you sign on the dotted line and get the keys in your hand, you're going to want to have the house inspected.

An inspection done by a certified home inspector will ensure that the house is up to code and will reveal any issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure it is a safe dwelling. As important as having the inspection done is actually being present during the inspection because you can learn a lot about your would-be abode during the inspection.

Here's a look at some pretty important reasons why you should be there when your future home is inspected:

Ensure the Inspection Is All-Encompassing

During the inspection, every vital element of the house should be checked out, including the heating and cooling system, the furnace, the roof, the plumbing and the electric, just to name a few things. Sometimes, even the most certified and experienced inspectors can skimp on inspecting certain elements.

For example, if the inspection is being done in the summer, the inspector may neglect to fully check out the heating system. By going along on the inspection, you will be able to ensure that all of the vital elements of your future home are fully examined.

Life Span of the Appliances

Appliances don't last forever. Even if they pass all current codes, your inspector can let you know how long to expect that they will last. For example, though the furnace may be in great working order, it could only have about two years of proper functioning left. A new furnace comes with a hefty price tag. If it's only projected that it will function properly for two more years, you're going to want to know this information before you buy the house.

Find the Shut-Offs

Even if every element of the house passes the inspection with flying colors, there is no guaranteeing that an issue won't happen in the future. By being present during the inspection, you can learn where the shut-off valves for the water, electric and gas are located, which can prevent a potentially hazardous situation from occurring.

On the day your future home is being inspected, make sure your calendar is clear so that you can be present during the inspection. To learn more, contact a company like Inside Out Home Inspection Inc. for help.